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Things You Need to Know About Silverfish

Silverfish ControlIf you feel you can find silverfish in fresh river water, then you are mistaken! Here we are definitely not speaking of those. Silverfish, if you are still not aware, are small bugs that infest your knowledge bank – Books. MVO Pest Control is at your service for not just Silverfish but also various kinds of Pests infestation at your dwellings. Basically, Silverfish are hardly visible to our eyes not because they are microscopic, but because they are always hidden in places that are not easy to invade by humans. You will also be surprised by the fact that these bugs may never bite you- they are not aggressive by nature. Another surprising fact is that these pests are non-poisonous in nature. So it is certain that you may never get bitten by one, even if you had a close encounter with them. Even if everything mentioned above may be true, still you may never want to have one infest your home on any day. So before you start facing silverfish infestation let us try and go through a few facts related to these invisible pests, who manage to infest every home, you could across.

Habitat That is Favorable

One of the most important points to keep in mind is that you may never find these pests in your garden or backyard. These are always undercover and hiding. These pests can be hidden in your books for many years without being noticed if you are a bad reader. The pests feed on the pages and glue that bind your books together. So to literally encounter one it may take you many months or years, till it has overgrown in size. They will damage the entire book before you notice them.

Hidden Under Drapes

Another most common place where you can find is inside your drapes. The moment your home is already infested by silverfish then it is certain that you may have to keep the drapes in a well-protected space. These pests can completely ruin the drapes. One of the best ways to identify them is by their feces which are in the form of yellow stains.

Protect Your Clothing

The worst part about silverfish is that they can easily find their way into clothes that you might not have worn for a few months. These pests feed on the fiber and can damage it completely leaving small holes in it. In most cases, you may not notice these holes until the silverfish had invaded them for months.

Old Paintings and Photographs

If you have old paintings in your home then you should consider using silverfish Pest Control Melbourne very often. These pests simply can’t resist the essence of glue and paint. They can destroy your expensive painting, if not properly cared for on time.

Invade Your Storage 

It is certain that if you have a storage space in your home that does not have access to fresh sunlight and air, then you are more likely to find it infested by silverfish. This is one reason why fresh air should always be allowed to enter every corner of your room. To a much greater extent, it may not be possible to eradicate this pest on your own, unless you seek assistance from professional pest control services.

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