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Ant Control

Ant Control in London, Ontario and Surrounding areas

Have you noticed a trail of small insects surrounding your property? If so, you might be dealing with ants. Ants are a common pest in Ontario, and if left unchecked, they can quickly become out of control. This can not only be inconvenient, but it can also endanger your house and family.

While ants are troublesome pests, they are not all the same. Some prefer to nest inside your home’s doors, while others prefer dark, concrete areas. They also follow various diets. Knowing how to recognize ants in your home can make preventing their return much easier.


Carpenter ants are native to Canada. Carpenter ants come in two varieties: red carpenter ants and black carpenter ants. They are one of the most common ants found in the home. Carpenter ants are relatively large for their species, with females reaching up to 25mm in length. They enjoy foods high in sugar like honey, sweets, meat, and baked goods.

To prevent a carpenter ant infestation:

  • Ensure all food is properly sealed and stored.
  • Cover the damp areas of your home and clear any standing water to cut off the water supply for the ants.
  • Contact us for a professional Carpenter Ant Removal and Control.

The pharaoh ant is one of the ant species born in Africa. Pharaoh ants have been known to eat silk and other fabrics. They can also spread dangerous bacteria like salmonella to food and food preparation areas, which can make you and your family extremely sick.

To prevent a pharaoh ant infestation:

  • Keep all food sealed away and clean all food preparation surfaces regularly.
  • Sprays or pesticides should be avoided because they can disguise the problem.
  • For professional extermination services, contact MVO Pest Control.

Pavement ants, as their name implies, live in the crevices between the concrete slabs on the pavement. However, they do not just hide by the side of the road. Ants on sidewalks are also known to infect hallways and house foundations, particularly during the colder seasons in Ontario.

Sugary or greasy foods, such as sweets and syrup, meat and other dead insects, attract them. Pavement ants aren’t picky eaters, and they’ll eat almost anything eatable.

Wrap food to cut off their food supply as much as possible.

If an exterminator tells you to, don’t use pesticides and herbicides. Ants will survive until the mother dies, so they must first be baited out.

Any visible cracks in apartments or parking lots around your home should be filled.

For professional pavement ant extermination, contact your local pest control company.

MVO Pest Control can assist you if you have any problems in your home in Ontario, London. We use environmentally friendly ant control methods to keep the ants listed above out of your home permanently. Learn more about our ant control services or get in touch with us right away!

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