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Carpet Beetle Control London, Ontario and surrounding areas

Carpet beetles are hunters who consume woolens, leather, feathers, hair, taxidermy items, and dried foods, among other things. They also eat dead insects stuck in inside wall spaces, such as box elder bugs and attic flies. Carpet beetles will not stay on their food, instead of crawling around, frequently for long distances.

They can also fly because they have wings. Varying species have different colors, but the most popular carpet beetles are black and brown.

Carpet Beetles like to live in forested regions, although they are drawn to lights and frequently enter homes by accident. Carpet beetle females will lay their eggs once inside, rapidly generating an infestation.

Carpet beetles come in a variety of forms and sizes. The black carpet beetle, furniture carpet beetle, and varied carpet beetle are the three most prevalent carpet beetle species :

  • Black carpet beetles have brown legs and a lustrous black body.
  • Yellow and white patches, as well as black scales, are found in furniture carpet beetles.
  • Carpet beetles come in a diversity of colors, including white, brown, and yellow.
What Do They Eat?

Adult carpet beetles usually eat honey or pollen. However, they may attack your cupboard for food if they are inside your house. Therefore, you should be concerned about the larvae in your home. Animal products and natural fibers are favorites among the nymphs. Feathers, hair, clothes, wool, leather, blankets, furniture, silk, rugs, and carpets are just a few examples. They will chew holes in various types of home items, causing significant damage.

Carpet beetles can infect food and ruin home items, but they aren’t harmful. There are no known illnesses or bacteria that they carry or spread.

If beetles are identified all across the house, residual pesticides may need to be applied locally. It would help if you went for a treatment to areas where insects are prone to crawl, such as around the edges of carpeting, in cabinets, behind radiators, baseboards and frames, and in holes, cracks, and other crevices. A professional pest control technician is a must in cases of severe, extensive infestation.

How To Avoid Carpet Beetles?

Doorways and glasses should be weather-stripped and have tight seals. Plaster or expanding splash foam is suitable to fill gaps, holes, and cracks. Finally, keeping your home clean and clutter-free can help avoid carpet beetle infestations. Vacuuming and sweeping might help keep infestations at bay.

Since outdoor lights attract carpet beetles, you can turn off the lights at night, move lights away from access points like doors and windows, or change the lamps to colors that are less likely to attract bugs.

What Can We Do?

Although carpet beetles can do much damage, a competent pest control firm can quickly treat them. Many chemical products are used to eliminate carpet bugs already present in your home while also preventing new ones from entering. MVO Pest Control offers Carpet Beetles Control in London, Ontario and surrounding areas. For further information, please get in touch with us immediately.

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