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Ladybugs and Sow Bugs Control

Lady Bug and sow bugs Control London, Ontario and surrounding areas

Ladybugs and beetles are other names of ladybugs. However, while most species in this beetle family are not harmful insects, some have home-nesting habits, making them problematic. Ladybugs, on the other hand, are found worldwide, with over 475 species in Canada.

Ladybug populations increase in the spring and summer because the seasons promote fragile vegetation and aphid attacks. Adults seek safe areas to survive in the autumn, such as under leaves and rocks. Other ladybug species have been found in places such as homes and buildings.

Ladybug species do not endanger human health. The multi-coloured Asian lady beetle, on the other hand, is known to worsen asthma and induce allergic reactions in some people, making ladybug pest control an important consideration. They also produce a thick yellow, foul-smelling defence fluid that can discolour anything that comes into contact.

Sealing gaps in windows, doors, storage and utility pipes, behind chimneys, and under wooden soffits and other openings is the most effective technique for eliminating ladybugs or preventing them from entering homes and workplaces. Use a good quality silicone or latex putty. Damaged door and window grilles must be repaired or replaced. A vacuum cleaner can help remove ladybugs that have invaded your home or building. Suppose a ladybug infestation has occurred in a home or building. In that case, the problem should be evaluated and assessed by a licensed pest control company like MVO Pest Control in London, Ontario.


Sow Bugs have gills that regularly need moisture, so they prefer the more humid climate of the northwest. They feed on decaying leaves and plant material and are usually nocturnal. They can be considered pests because they bite the tops of new plants but are also good for the environment by breaking down decaying plant debris and speeding up the recycling of the nutrients they contain.

The existence of sow bugs or pill bugs in a home’s living quarters indicates high moisture levels. However, this state will also result in various other issues, such as mildew, wood rot, and favorable breeding habitat for insects.

Sow bugs can be prevented by removing their hiding spots; if there are no moist surroundings for them to live in, they will leave or die.

What will MVO Do?

MVO professional deals with sowbugs and other pests. Because each building or home is unique, your MVO professional will create a custom programme for you.

MVO can help you with Ladybugs and Sow bugs Control London Ontario out of your house or business by providing the correct solution in London, Ontario.

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