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Fly Control

Fly Control in London, Ontario and surrounding areas

When flies are bustling around the house, they can be a nuisance, especially if they are more. Some fly species, however, can be harmful to your health.

House flies, in particular, spread a variety of diseases, including salmonella, dysentery, TB, cholera. Some flies can even bite you,
Small holes in displays, windows open, crevices and spaces beneath doors, and even drains can allow flies to enter a home. Once inside, they can reproduce quickly, resulting in an infestation that can quickly spread.

Flies in your home are a problem because they tend to eat garbage, garbage, and even rotten food. They can trap pollutants in their feet when they land, and when flies land on food or other edible materials, they spread the contamination.

How Do They Infest

There are possibilities that some loud and annoying flies in your home or business aren’t indicative of an infestation. It should, however, act as a warning sign that there is a need to take some steps.

Observe the light fixtures, the room’s upper areas, and the ceiling panels. Check places that are hard to clean properly, such as sewerage systems, drainage, where broken drain contents may be racking up.

A large number of flies humming around trash bins or other waste boxes could indicate difficulty. Investigate any areas where water collects, such as gutters.

There are larval flies, which could indicate a possible breeding location on your property. They are Maggots and can be found in garbage cans and rotting food.

 Some Common Species Are:

  • Bluebottle fly
  • Cluster fly
  • Housefly
  • Filter fly

Flies can be avoided using several household products, but an identified fly problem may require professional pest control procedures to ensure that it does not recur.
MVO technicians know the habits of each species and have a wide range of effective insecticides to control flies and assure you that the problem is completely resolved.

MVO Pest Control in London, Ontario offers a call service for flies and other household pests. Our services are fast, efficient and ensure the safety of your family and pets at all times.

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