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Moth Control

Effective Moth Control London, Ontario and surrounding areas

Large numbers of moth species exist, each with its size, appearance, and colour. Moths are members of the Lepidoptera insect series, which covers both moths and butterflies.
Moths have a habit to be near food sources. The larvae of most older moths feed on stored foods, fabrics, and even exhibition displays, whereas larvae of most adult moths feed on honey and sap.

Moths usually enter homes through accessible doors or windows, where they enter through contaminated food, infested plant species, infested clothing, and on our clothes and shoes.

To keep moths at bay and prevent infestations, store kitchen items in airtight containers and clean up spilled foods right away. Insects can also be prevented by dry cleaning clothes and steam cleaning furniture. At home, only use outdoor lighting when necessary, as it tends to attract these insects at night.
Damage to clothes is usually the first sign of a moth infestation, but there are usually other signs as well:

  • larvae of moths live in silken tubes or cases.
  • larvae that look like maggots
  • Pupae are the cocoons in which larvae develop into moths.
  • moths in their adult stages
Types Of Moths
Cloth Moth

Adults have grass wings and no inscriptions and are 6-8mm long. Their larvae are white with a brown head and up to 10mm long, make unusual holes in cloths.

Case Bearing Cloth Moth

Adults are 6mm long with three dim spots and brown. Clothes with Cases More regular holes in the fabric are made by moths than by the common clothes moth. Their larvae are buttery and up to 10mm long, and they are most commonly found in foreign-made animal fabrics.

Brown House Moth

Adults are 8-14mm long and have three or four black spots on their backs. The larvae live up to 20mm long, over with a brown head, and feed on several animal products such as wool, leather, and feathers.

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