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Mole And Vole Control

Mole and Vole Pest Control in London Ontario, and Surrounding areas

Is the presence of moles and voles an issue for you? They cause damage to your possessions and destroy your plants or other items. MVO Pest Control can help you if you’re bothered by their presence. In London, Ontario, we offer mole and vole control services.
Moles and voles are tiny animals that prefer to stay underground. They have a habit of excavating holes in the ground and the wood. When they emerge, however, they pose a threat to human life. They can bite humans, tear paper, documents, books, scrapbooks, and harm plant roots. As a result, it is necessary to exterminate them and prevent any damage to yards and personal property.
For pest control services, we are a reliable and valuable company. We have a team of mole control experts who work with homeowners to provide the most effective and dependable solutions. For many years, we have assisted people in eliminating the problem caused by moles and voles in their homes. Our crew will assist you in keeping your garden and plants safe and secure.


Moles are much smaller animals, only 4-6 inches long, or about a quarter the length of a gopher. The front paw of the mole is the most visible feature. These dawn and dusk insects spend most of the night digging tunnels near the ground, producing a series of rising canals that will extend the length of your yard well into the morning.
Because moles are carnivores, they can eliminate pests that predators on your plants by eating earthworms, grubs, and other harmful insects. However, the damage that these animals can cause is vital.


Voles are a lesser-known grass pest, but they can cause significant damage to a backyard. Depending on the species, these pests can grow to be 5-8 inches long and have black, brown, or grey fur. They might indeed store food, feed their young, or hide from wild animals in holes dug by moles and other animals.
Voles frequently travel above ground, leaving faded paths across the grass and within potted plants. To help catch travelling voles, place the vole traps along these well-worn paths, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Why choose us?

According to MVO Pest Control’s team of mole and vole control experts in London, Ontario, Trapping is the most effective and productive method of getting rid of voles and moles. To adequately manage and exterminate them, we conduct a careful and planned observation. Our team makes mole removal simple, and we’ll work with you to find a humanitarian and appropriate solution.

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