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Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control London, Ontario and surrounding areas

Bed bugs are becoming a more common pest problem in Ontario. These pests can easily move from one location to another by hiding in clothes and furniture, resulting in an increase in bed bug infestations across the province.

Bed bugs can quickly spread through backpacks, clothes, carpets, power outlets, and many other places. They can be hidden within small rooms in springs, beds, behind walls, photo frames, sockets, and even electronic devices.


Humans and animals are both affected by bed bugs. Moreover, bed bugs are drawn to the radiation and carbon dioxide produced by humans. The gaps and crevices on the body are common feeding areas because this is where bed bugs feel most at ease. Bites can appear immediately after a meal or take up to seven days to appear. Bed bugs are active at night.


MVO Pest Control is experienced with bed bugs, ensuring the best bed bug treatment options to residential and commercial clients in London, Ontario and other nearby regions.

  • Our professional pest control specialists use the best technology to eliminate possible bed bugs.
  • The specialists at MVO Pest Control use well-thought-out guidelines to ensure that all cracks are addressed by prolonging the bug removal process.
  • Extensive inspections to identify potential holes and new problem areas.
  • Problem areas that bed bugs can return to are monitored regularly.
  • MVO Pest Control will work with homeowners or business owners to determine where bed bugs may be trying to invade the premises.
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