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Silverfish Control

Silverfish Pest Control in London, Ontario and surrounding areas

Silverfish are considered a nuisance because of the food they consume and the damage they cause to property. Silverfish, a fan of sugar and carbs, will eat book straps, carpets, clothing, paper, and photographs. To get to the glue, they’ll even eat through the wallpaper.

Silverfish are small in size, and because of their innocent appearance, it is difficult to eradicate once they have invaded your home. Silverfish, despite their lack of wings, move quickly, making their mysterious nature frustrating to landlords.

Silverfish have a flat, thin body that turns ut into the shape of a teardrop or carrot. They have six legs, three body parts, biting lips, and 1 to 2 cm long. They have no wings and have large antennae and three long feathers at the end of their tail. Silverfish have shiny silver scales that give them a metallic lustre, and their body colour varies from white to brownish-gray to blue-silver. Silverfish move quickly and with shaking movements, similar to swimming fish.

  • They can invade almost any home or workplace.
  • Basements, ceilings, kitchens, restrooms, laundries, garages, and outhouses are all the places for them to live in dark, damp, cool environments.
  • Silverfish populations can grow fast in the right humid conditions, as nymphs develop easily in moist climates.

MVO Pest Control can assist you for silverfish control In London, Ontario, we are experts in silverfish pest control.

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