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Millipedes And Centipedes

Millipedes and Centipedes Control London, Ontario and surrounding areas

Millipedes are predators, which means they eat rotting plants and debris. They play a vital role in soil formation since their digging and organic material decomposition aerates and enriches soil simultaneously.

Millipedes prefer to reside in regions where there is a constant supply of moisture. Millipedes are commonly found in flower beds and under heaps of rotting leaves, mulch, grass cuttings, or other organic materials surrounding the exterior of a structure. They put their eggs in the soil or in the organic waste that has decomposed.

Millipedes have a tall body structure, tiny feet and a small head, and the adult size ranges from 4mm to 30mm. They have a dark brown or black body, and when disturbed, they roll up, exposing their hard skeleton and forming a protective ball. There are about 8,000 different species on the planet, some of which can last up to thirteen years.

Are Millipedes Dangerous?

Millipedes are harmless to people since they lack some mechanisms to bite, squeeze, or sting. However, certain species secrete protective secretions from glands called “ozopores,” which cause a burning sensation if eye contact occurs. Thankfully, the species found in Canada are non-lethal.

Millipedes move in the fall and can invade your home or business to keep warm in the winter. However, if their habitual habitat is flooded, they can be forced to leave.

Millipedes gain access to homes through nooks and crannies in doors, windows, and basements. They were seen seeking access to the veranda, deck and sidewalls of the building. They are susceptible to damp areas of a building, such as dark basements and cracks in them. The millipede will also live in the storage box.

Centipedes can be found in regions with a lot of humidity, such as under loose wood or stacks of leaves, grasses, or mulch. They love to dwell in the open air and lay their eggs on moist soil in the spring and summer. Centipedes consume a variety of food, including spiders, insects, mites, cockroaches, and woodlice.

However, there are nearly 70 different centipedes in Canada; only the house centipedes are commonly found in Ontario basements. House centipedes are among the most common centipedes, having originated in Mexico.

Are Centipeded Dangerous

Even though centipedes have lethal glands and can bite, their venom is harmless to humans and pets. In addition, the millipede species, common in most Canadian households, lack the jaw strength needed to penetrate the skin easily. So, most of the time, their presence in your home is annoying.

What Can We Do?

Bring in your local specialists to help. MVO Pest Control has years of experience helping companies, landowners, and residential clients in London, Ontario, to eliminate Millipedes, Centipedes and other undesirable pests. To protect your privacy, MVO employs unmarked vehicles. There is also a dependable home maintenance package offered. Prevention, sanitation facilities, inspection, treatments, and maintenance are part of our Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM).

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