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Fleas Control

Fleas Pest Control London, Ontario and surrounding areas

If fleas are a constant problem in your home or business, contact MVO Pest Control to get rid of the fleas that are putting your pets, home, or business in danger.

The presence of fleas in your home can be irritating at times. When you see tiny creatures jumping around on your pet, pet bedding or flooring, or proof of feces, you know you need to contact a professional.

How Do They Infest

Dogs and cats are responsible for most flea outbreaks, but they can jump to humans and cause itching and inflammation. Even if you don’t have a pet, fleas can infest your home and create disruption. Check your pet’s bedding for proof of droppings or small spots that could be eggs laid by female fleas, who can lay fifteen to twenty eggs in one go.

In most parts of Canada, the best time for flea infestations is from early August to October. Flea populations tend to decline during dry, hot summers; fleas seem unable to absorb water and dehydrate, eventually dying.

Fleas have a hard, dark body that is flat. The body shape of the Fleas helps them move between strands of hair and fur on human skin.
Fleas are a common cause of dermatitis and superficial skin irritation. Flea allergic dermatitis (FAD) is a condition that causes red, sore, and itchy patches on the skin. They also spread more diseases like bacteria that cause typhus, bubonic plague, and tapeworms.

Preventive Measures

By eradicating fleas at their source, you can protect yourself from disease caused by fleas. Use Flea Killers on your pets and in your home. You can prevent immature fleas from maturing and reproducing as a result of this. With the help of vacuuming, you can avoid fleas in or around.

Flea preventative measures will help in reducing the risk of diseases caused by fleas. You can remove fleas from your area to keep yourself, your family, and your pets happy and safe by following these simple steps. In addition, a thorough flea control plan should be developed with your genuine care, taking into account professional advice from a pest exterminator.

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