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Effective Rodent Control Methods to try in  Kitchener

Did you just spot a rodent moving around in your house? Rats and mice, commonly referred to as rodents, are bothersome pests that cause clutter and damage within a home. Not only that, but they are transmitters of many contagious and fatal diseases such as plague and Bacillary dysentery.  In order to keep your family and pets safe, you cannot ignore Rodent Control in Kitchener.

In Kitchener, Ontario, MVO Pest Control delivers rodent control services for residences, commercial, and corporate customers. We identify pest infestations and make suggestions that are tailored to your specific requirements. We also provide a short and long maintenance schedule to keep rodents out of your house or apartment. 

Rodents are highly flexible and versatile. They have a structural framework that helps them to easily move and bend without cracking. And when it comes to size they are also quite small. They can fit through narrow gaps and holes and thus fit in even in the smallest spaces. They also have talented underground trekkers and rock climbers who can reach the most difficult parts of residential properties. So as a part of advice from us, it is not relevant to take care of a rodent infestation without the assistance of professionals or experts.

If your house is infested by rodents and in case you don’t know how to find it, then there are some ways to determine the same. 

  1. If you find the evidence of their poop or droppings of the food
  2. The sound of scraping coming from the area between the wall surfaces, roof structure, and basement.
  3. They can be found near chewable snacks, kitchen utensils, or food storage places like furniture and wardrobes.
  4. They make their home away from the house in confined spaces such as your garage, basement, and apartment.

There are various damages caused by rodents which you need to take care of:

  1. Rodents can build nests by chewing on paper, wood, soft furnishings and  paper, furniture, and soft furnishings.
  2. Rodents have been observed digging a trench into ventilation and constructing their home.
  3. Rodents will nest in electrical appliances due to the warmth they emit.
  4. They also enjoy gnawing and chewing on wires.
  5. Rodents will chew to gain access to food sources in the food preparation storage rooms.

If you start noticing any one of these indications of a rodent infestation, you should immediately consult a local pest control company to ensure adequate control and assessments to keep uninvited guests out.

Incase if you are thinking that why you need a professional to control pests then here are some reasons: 


  1. MVO Pest Control’s technical experts assist residential areas and businesses in the Kitchener, Ontario area in getting rid of rodents and preventing them from coming back.
  2. Our experts monitor the situation carefully to determine which pests are present and at what place they are infesting.
  3. To remove existing rodent activity, use the most recent and trusted pest control techniques, such as smartly putting trap channels in places where rats and mice are commonly found.
  4. By removing all open ports, exemption preservation will stop future rodent infestations.


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